Reestablishing passenger rail service between Baton Rouge and New Orleans is critical to the continued economic growth of the southeast Louisiana Super Region which includes more than 2.2 million people and nearly 1 million jobs.

In order for this region to remain nationally and globally competitive, connectivity between the major population, employment, social and cultural centers must be enhanced by high-quality rail service connecting these two metropolitan areas.

This route is part of the Gulf Coast Corridor, one of the nation’s eleven federally-designated high-speed rail corridors. The development of service between Baton Rouge and New Orleans of a regional network of passenger rail service stretching from Houston through New Orleans to Mobile and Atlanta.

Rail service will provide access to the region’s economic centers. Improved access to jobs and development opportunities at the stations will help serve the needs of regional and local commerce. Investment in the project will generate high-skilled construction and operating jobs, and can provide a market for the industries producing the components such as rail, control systems, locomotives and passenger cars. Passenger rail can also be part of an evacuation strategy to safely and conveniently move large numbers of people out of the Greater New Orleans region when threats arise including ambulatory medical patients that can be moved to Baton Rouge area hospitals. 

Passenger rail service provides an attractive transportation alternative to automobile travel in the congested I-10 corridor. Stakeholders are supportive who are primarily interested in the project’s ability to provide transportation alternatives and serve as a catalyst for economic development.

Economic Opportunities

  • Providing new transportation option to better connect two largest cities in LA comprising half of the state’s population.
  • Critical evacuation route in the event of natural disasters. 
  • With shrinking regional airport service, threat of losing essential air service is a real concern. New rail service creates a life-line to connect residents with the international airport in Dallas-Fort Worth. 
  • The proposed I-20 Rail Corridor service will connect the mega-regions of Dallas-Fort Worth and Atlanta with the economies and populations of Northern Louisiana and beyond through connections with Amtrak’s Texas Eagle, City of New Orleans and Crescent trains.